Banned Books Week is here!

We will begin working on this project in class on Monday 9/24 or Tuesday 9/25. You need not do anything before then. Thanks!

Let’s begin by seeking understanding of Banned Books Week. Using the GoogleSlides on the Banned Books page, create handwritten notes or sketchnotes in your own words defining these terms and answering these questions. Again, please take notes in your own words as you seek to understand. If you do not finish in the class time provided, this is time-critical homework because you’ll need this insight for class this week!

Banned Books Notes:

  • First Amendment
  • Intellectual Freedom
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Censorship
  • Banned vs. Challenged
  • Why do books get challenged or banned? What trends or commonalities do you notice in the reasons for bans or challenges?

On Wednesday 9/26 and Thursday 9/27, we are in the Library with Mrs. Eppelsheimer! The discussion questions are on GoogleClassroom, which is where you’ll turn them in.

Copy of Dear Banned Author (3)_1

Learning Targets:

  • Express appreciation for an author or book in writing by following the tips given below.
  • Meet the expectations of the 8th grade Writing Specs.

From the American Library Association:

Dear Banned Author is a letter-writing campaign hosted by the American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom. During Banned Books Week, readers are encouraged to write to their favorite banned or challenged authors, sharing what their stories meant to them. The goal of the campaign is to not only raise awareness of books that are threatened with censorship and support authors, but also encourage thoughtful discussions about the power of words and how essential it is to have access to a variety of viewpoints in libraries. Authors also have shared fan letters as support when there’s a public challenge to their books. Speaking out for banned and challenged books is vital in the fight against censorship.

The American Library Association’s Office of Intellectual Freedom hopes that you realize that as a student and young person in America today, your words “have the power to sway decisions, to defend access to books, to stop censorship. Your words can combat the silencing of stories.”

This week, as part of Banned Books Week, we will participate in the ALA’s Dear Banned Author campaign. We will each write at least one postcard to a living author whose work is important to us or our communities. As you choose a contemporary author, consider the ALA’s question: What book has impacted your life?

Click here for a list of authors’ names, addresses, and twitter handles! If the author you would like to write to is not on this list, please see Doc for help.

Click here for the rest of the assignment. Please carefully follow the instructions! Pay attention to detail. You can also find several options for going Above and Beyond on the assignment sheet!

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