In class Tuesday 10/30…


In class on Tuesday 10/30…

EVERYONE, read/listen to and annotate “The Raven.” If you want to GO ABOVE AND BEYOND: Create a found or black-out poem from “The Raven.” This is an option; this is an opportunity to go above and beyond.

If you DID NOT have class on Monday 10/29, read “The Tell-Tale Heart” and watch the first and second videos on the Tell-Tale Heart page.

Explore anything on the “Let’s Freak Ourselves Out” post — Edgar Allan Poe, the Donner Party, and ghosts, oh my!

Sign up for NaNoWriMo and join our classroom. Use your email. Start thinking about what you will write in the month of November. Our American Studies word count goal: 2500 words in one month! The “official” word count goal is actually 50,000 words!

Work on:

  • Check out anything on Poe, Manifest Destiny, and Other Stuff pages. There are tons of videos and creepy links!
  • Sign up for Nanowrimo. Use email address. Classroom code: YEXSEPBF
  • Finish Animal Farm Poems – Follow instructions on the assignment sheet!
  • Finish “The Growing Nation” Notes & “Why Does It Matter” work.
  • Work on NoRedInk.
    • Parts of Speech Practice — Test on Friday.
    • Commas Practice
    • Active vs. Passive Diagnostic
  • Vocabulary Lists #1 & 2 — Test on Friday; reassessment is not available. Lists are always available on the Vocabulary page.
  • Read dystopian novel. (Final project for dystopian novels is coming!)


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