In class on T 11/13 & W 11/14…

We are super-excited for our first CAT Class session, but CAT means losing our 50-minute classes of NHD time. Thus, we’re going to make up for some of the NHD time lost with 70 minutes dedicated to nothing but NHD in English.

On Tuesday 11/13 and Wednesday 11/14, English is dedicated to NHD. Please use your time wisely! You’ll not have the 100 minutes of NHD time we usually have per cycle, so these 70 minutes are important! You’ll want to dedicate at least 30 additional minutes outside of class to NHD, too.

Your number one priority: Skeleton Bibliography, due Thursday 11/15. See GoogleClassroom for more information.

Now get to it! And, enjoy!

Additionally, due date set for the Fiery Trial Found Poetry Project: no later than Tuesday 11/20. 

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