Found Poem Thoughts…

Keep these thoughts in mind as you finalize your found poem:

  • Establish your own pattern to the poem. “Anything goes” doesn’t really work that well.
  • Have a central theme, message, or purpose to your poem. Narrow in on a specific idea, not “slavery” in general.
  • Poems do not have to rhyme!
  • Keep your lines about the same number of words/syllables – unless you’re following a specific pattern of long, short, long, short.
  • Keep your stanzas the same number of lines – unless you’re following a pattern (like 2 lines, then 3 lines, then 4 lines OR 2 lines, 4 lines, 2 lines, 4 lines, etc.)
  • CREATE IMAGERY – you’re choosing the most impactful, descriptive, powerful, creative words and phrases.
  • Just like with your own writing, try to avoid “to be” verbs – choose more interesting, active verbs.
  • Read and re-read the rubric; does your poetry meet the learning targets?
  • Create a visually-appealing poster.
  • Print and post on your locker AND submit via GoogleClassroom. Submit GoogleDocs or PDFs only – no other type of file!

If it means you’ll submit a superior product, you may hand in your work on Monday 11/26.

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