Writing the War Target Display


Compose your own original World War I poem. Use everything you’ve learned about life in the trenches and on the homefront to see through their eyes and place yourself in the era of World War I. Put to use all of the resources on my and Mr. Taft’s websites and all of your notes!

Write a poem from whatever World War I perspective you choose, but capture the era in your best poetic voice, figurative language, descriptive language, and imagery. Consider the poems you’ve read as models.

Write about 20 to 30 lines of poetry, either all as one longer poem or a series of shorter poems. Of course, you’re welcome to write in free verse, create a rhyme scheme, compose a specific type of poem… whatever best captures the perspective you want to explore.

Give your poem a meaningful title. Submit your work on GoogleClassroom – GoogleDocs or PDFs only.

Refer to the learning targets above. Utilize your poetry notes throughout this project.

Primary Sources to Inspire Your Poetry:

Click here for the GoogleDoc of this assignment. It’s also available on GoogleClassroom.

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