Vocabulary Sentences

Once you have drawn pictures for each of the vocabulary words from Lists #5 and #6, I’d like you to write sentences for these words. Please handwrite neatly on loose-leaf paper. (Typing not an option unless you have special dispensation to do so.) There are 23 words total.

Learning Targets ~ I can…

  • Apply the vocabulary words in my own writing, showing that I know what the word means and how to use it correctly and properly.
  • Write clearly and effectively, meeting the expectations of the Writing Specs for 8th grade. PROOFREAD, PLEASE!

For each of the words in both Lists #5 and #6:

  1. Give the part(s) of speech for the word as it appears in the list. If a word can be more than one part of speech, please list all of them.
  2. Write a sentence for each of the words. Sentences must demonstrate clearly that you know what the word means and how to use it correctly. Sentences must also be free of spelling, grammar, and writing mechanics errors. You may change the form or the tense of a vocabulary word, but you must still spell it correctly. Please UNDERLINE, HIGHLIGHT, or CIRCLE the word in the sentence.


  • You may use more than one vocabulary word in a sentence.
  • You may write completely separate, unconnected sentences, or you can write a story of related sentences.

Due for ALL sections by Wednesday 4/17, even if you don’t see me in class that day – please turn it in on Tuesday 4/16 if necessary.

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