60-Second Book Talk

Learning Targets ~ I can…Give a brief compelling book talk that discusses the book without spoiling it.

On Monday 5/27, I will start randomly calling on students to give their 60-Second Book Talk. Be prepared to give it any day that week, either in English, History, or even at lunch!

Your goal is to pique your peers’ interest in the book you’re talking about. And you’ve got only 60 seconds to do so. So what will you say?

60-Second Book Talk:

  • an opening that ignites your audience’s curiosity and interest — a hook
  • vivid description that makes the setting, characters, and conflict come alive
  • an excited and engaging tone of voice that keeps audiences listening
  • a cliffhanger at the conclusion that leaves your audience wanting more and inspires them to read the book themselves
  • no spoilers!
  • the book itself or a large, clear, color image of the book cover

I’m literally going to time you! Practice, practice, practice your Book Talk until you can give it confidently and articulately in 60 seconds. Speak successfully with a clear voice, enthusiasm, and eye-contact.

You may have a single 3×5” notecard with bullet points to help you speak; however, really you should have the 60-Second Book Talk fully prepared and memorized. You shouldn’t really need notes.