March Trilogy Lessons Learned

Learning Targets:

  • I can identify and explain “Words of the Wiser” or other lessons taught or learned in the March Trilogy.
  • I communicate my ideas clearly, creatively, and effectively in an original manner.
  • I can use current events and resources to describe and support my application of the lesson.

In your “My Lesson from the Civil Rights Movement” project, Mr. Taft quotes the great organization Teaching Tolerance: “students need to know that the movement was much bigger than its most notable leaders, and that millions of people mustered the courage to join the struggle, very often risking their lives in the process” (The Civil Rights Movement: Why Now?).

I hope that you learned from John Lewis and his March Trilogy. Your final project for this series of books is to identify what you see as the most important Words of the Wiser of the trilogy or the most important lessons the books teach. What did you learn from March Books One, Two, and Three?

Craft a creative display of your March Trilogy Lessons Learned. You can create a locker poster, sketchnotes, an annotated mural, a series of poems, a written statement, or anything you want to construct.

Include in your display:

  • Quotes from the books. Include who says the quote, which book it’s from, and what page number it appears on.
  • Your interpretation of the quote or what you take away from the quote.
  • How the quote applies to today – current events, the USM community, the Milwaukee community, the nation…

You have complete creative freedom. Focus on hitting the learning targets and following instructions for what to include.