O Captain!Walt Whitman

The Life of Walt Whitman

Learn more about Whitman’s life here. Pay special attention to the two sections on Whitman and the Civil War.

Take notes throughout our work on Whitman on the notes pages provided in class. These notes pages go into your American Studies Binder/Notebook!

Click here for Doc’s slides on Whitman.

A great 2016 article on Whitman… Why Walt Whitman Called America the ‘Greatest Poem’

Doc’s slides on Whitman:whitman-biography-slideshow-pdf

The Poems of Walt Whitman


American Studies Walt Whitman Reader


Questions about the Levi’s commercial:

Answer these questions in the “America” section of your Whitman notes.

  • What about “America” relates to Levi’s brand? To blue jeans?
  • Why would Levi’s use this poem to advertise its company, brand, and product?
  • What words or images does Levi’s want us to associate with their brand and product?
  • Or, what about Whitman would Levi’s want us to associate with their brand and product?


Walt Whitman also uses an archaic definition of the word “adamant” in his poem “America”: “a legendary rock or mineral to which many, often contradictory, properties were attributed.” You do not need to memorize this archaic definition, but we will refer to it when we look at Whitman’s poetry.

“Walt Whitman Thinks You Need New Jeans” by Seth Stevenson

Assignment for “America”

Rewriting Whitman’s “America”

O Captain! My Captain!

O Captain My Captain by Whitman

Whitman Resources

When Edward Weston’s Photographs Met Walt Whitman’s Prose

Huntington displays photographer Edward Weston’s ‘Leaves of Grass’ project, including overlooked ‘masterpieces’

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