WWI Homefront

Over Here — The American Home Front of World WarUncleSamAndFlag-Blue

As the United States entered World War I, Woodrow Wilson stated that the entire nation must unite against the enemy.  His felt that the American home front would play an important part in the war effort and the efforts of people at home would help the American soldiers “Over There.”  The war affected Americans in many ways, as you will see.

To prepare for class activities and discussions, you need to complete the following:

  • Watch the videos and check out some of the links below and add information on the TERMS and the TOPICS identified on the handout provided in class. The TERMS should appear underlined somewhere on your notes.
  • Complete the background preparation for your role (separate handout provided in class) by answering the questions listed using the links and video provided below. You must also include a primary source quote, document, and/or image that supports your role’s information!
  • During our class discussions, add more on the TERMS and TOPICS to your notes. Remember, underline TERMS.
  • Listen to the “Milwaukee and WWI” podcast available here and add to your notes.

This should go without saying, but if a link isn’t working, then use your best problem-solving skills and GOOGLE IT. You know how to do historical research and to identify credible, trustworthy, reliable sources!

Resources for TERMS and TOPICS:

Growing power of the government – War Industries Board  / National War Labor Board / Food Administration / Committee on Public Information (usmstudent, historyrules) / Revenue Act of 1916 and of 1917Selective Service Act / War-Related Acts and Boards

Opposition to the War and Government Response – The Espionage and Sedition Acts

Effect of the War on Americans – Meatless Mondays Wheatless Wednesdays Liberty bonds

Effect of the war on … Women / African Americans / German Americans

A little bit of everything – WWI Propaganda Posters

Resources for your specific ROLES:

Women on the Home Front Video / Anti-German Sentiment in the US Video / African Americans on the Home Front Video / Four Minute Men and  Propaganda Video / George Creel and Propaganda Video / The Espionage and Sedition Act Video / Conserving Video / Government Control of Economy and Industry Video


Women on the Home Front Video

Rosie’s Mom: Forgotten Women Workers of the First World War

Women’s Suffrage and World War I 

Women, War, and the Home Front


Anti-German Sentiment in the US Video

German-Americans and World War I

“Get the Rope!” Anti-German Violence in World War I-era Wisconsin

“We Had to Be So Careful”A German Farmer’s Recollections of Anti-German Sentiment in World War I

Patriotic Murder – Robert Prager

Robert Prager – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


African Americans on the Home Front Video

Great Migration

The Great Migration

Digital History – The Great Migration


WWI Propaganda Posters – United States

First Call – American Posters of World War I

Cartooning for Victory: World War I Instructions to Artists


Four Minute Men and  Propaganda Video

Four Minute Men: Volunteer Speeches During World War I


Herbert Hoover – Food Administrator

Picture History : World War I Food Administration Poster

Sow the Seeds of Victory!


George Creel and Propaganda Video

George Creel

Committee on Public Information

George Creel


The Espionage and Sedition Act Video

Schenck v. United States

Schenck v. United States

Eugene v. Debs

To what extent is it acceptable to limit citizens civil liberties during wartime?

The Espionage Act

The Sedition Act


Conserving Video

Teaching with Documents:   Sow the Seeds of Victory! Posters from the Food Administration During World War I

Food Will Win the War!

What’s Cooking, Uncle Sam?


Taxes Through World War I And The Great Depression

Liberty bonds


Conserving Video

Government Control of Economy and Industry

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