Cover of American Born Chinese

American Born Chinese

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Allusions in ABC

“To those of you who are offended by every third chapter of American Born Chinese, I say this: Thank you. You’re supposed to be offended. That was the desired response. You see, Cousin Chin-Kee is no more my creation than the Monkey King. I yanked him, every last detail about him, straight out of American pop culture.” ~ Gene Luen Yang

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Asian-Americans in the Media

In addition to comics, how have you seen Asian-American representation in pop culture change in these last 10 years?
I think things are definitely moving in a good direction. It seems like there’s a large conversation about diversity in American storytelling. Not just comics, but in movies and TV and books. I think it’s an important discussion to have because of the changing demographics of our nation. Another thing I couldn’t have imagined in the ’90s was two sitcoms about Asian-American families. Now we have Fresh Off the Boat and Dr. Ken – that’s just mind blowing to me that would happen. And the fact there are starting to be a good number of Asian-American characters even in other shows that aren’t primarily about Asian-American families.  ~ EW interview with Gene Yang 9/16

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Gorillaz’s “Monkey: Journey to the West”

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