Laurie Barth Walczak (Schleicher)

(aka Dr. Walczak, Doc, The Good Doctor, whatever else Taft thinks of…)

USM: lwalczak@usmk12.org

GOOGLE: lwalczak@ga.usmk12.org

TWITTER: @DrLWalczak



Married to Aaron; mother to Xavier (Class of 2022); crazy cat lady to Olive (tuxedo) and Scout and Sam (black cats); dog person to Sam (10 year-old, chonker black lab)


House: Hufflepuff / Horned Serpent

Patronus: Impala

Wand: Elder wood with a Phoenix feather core 10″ and Hard flexibility

DOC’S OBSESSIONS (outside of the obvious English-related ones):

True Crime documentaries and podcasts (to which I won’t link here…)

The Office

Any video having to do with cute or funny animals

Andy Warhol

Antiquing, Upcycling, and Thrifting

Boswell Books

Cats (OMG, cats…)

The French RevolutionMarie Antoinette, and Versailles

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Alliance

Hearst Castle

Higgs-Boson Particle, CERN, and Fermilab

Hero Dogs and Military Dogs


It Gets Better Project

Jane Austen and The Brontes

John Green and Hank Green and DFTBA

Labrador Retrievers

London and The Lake District

Milwaukee Record

Mindy Kaling

Music (especially local-ish!)


New Orleans, LA

Nicola Tesla


Parks and Rec

Riverwest 24

Riverwest Secret Garden Tour

Rosalind Franklin


Snowy OwlsPolar Bears, and Arctic Foxes (actually, any kind of fox…)

The Trevor Project

Tucker Automobiles

Vintage Kitchen Stuff, especially Pyrex!


Winchester Mystery House

Wisconsin Humane Society



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